Executive Search and Market Insights.

At Carrot Executive, we can add value to your strategic decision making and hiring efficiencies through bespoke market insights projects and a novel approach to sourcing key talent.

We offer an approach to Executive Search which is refreshingly different, and our tailored insights can produce well presented, succinct reports with clear and actionable recommendations.

Executive Search

Executive Search with a Difference

If you have a key appointment to fill, Carrot Executive are well placed to support you throughout the entire recruitment process. Our approach is underpinned by thorough desk research, uncovering the best candidates, highlighting key market trends, and providing other useful insights around that talent pool. Our approach is very collaborative, to help ensure the right people are approached, in the right way, and with the right message.

Our approach to Executive Search offers a number of key features:

  • A fully transparent pricing structure, offering fixed fees that provide peace of mind
  • A talent mapping report allowing you to view potential candidates before the outreach phase
  • A candidate attraction pack helping to entice talent to your organisation
  • Access to a range of personality and aptitude assessments at cost price
  • A detailed proposal within 48 hours with a clear overview of our methods, fees and timings

To discover more about how executive search works and why it might be beneficial to your business, read our full guide here. Alternatively, click the button below to find out about our executive search offerings:

Market Insights

Market Insights to Inform Strategy

Our strategic Market Insights projects can provide you with key market intelligence in a comprehensive report format, complete with pertinent recommendations and can cover a wide range of topics. These insights could allow you to become more effective in attracting key talent in a competitive market, they could provide ideas to help you develop unique service offerings, or they could add clarity on how to realign your positioning to clients.

Our bespoke insights projects could support your strategic decision making in a number of areas:

  • Differentiate your employer brand in a very competitive talent market
  • Make strategic decisions around acquisitions, new offices or post-Covid working practices
  • Refine your market positioning to prospective clients
  • Improve retention through better staff engagement
  • Better understand your competitors through tailored benchmarking
  • Approach new sectors or geographies with added confidence

To discover more about how market insights work and why they could be beneficial to your business, read our full guide here. Alternatively, click the button below to find out about our strategic Market Insights solutions:

If you need insights to support with key business decisions, or to secure senior-level or difficult to source talent, Carrot Executive can help.

In both Market Insights and Executive Search, we'll work in partnership with you to deliver the intelligence you need, or to engage and attract the right talent to your business.



We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent, placing a focus on building long-term partnerships with our clients. Our services offer clear and timely communication, creating a stress-free experience. Our specialists are dedicated to understanding your particular requirements. 


Bespoke and Data-Driven:

We provide market insights on a range of data sources, uncovering information pertinent to your market and your strategy. All projects are designed bespoke to provide you with the data you need to make important business decisions.


Unique Pricing Model:

Our fees are calculated based on time spent, not as a percentage of salary, allowing you to see exactly what you are paying for and to budget confidently from the start.

Acquiring a company with a unique service or technology will complement and boost our own abilities, enabling our business to grow. Market Insights gives us an overview of which companies are out there, their key stats in terms of finance, talent, and location, and helps us decide where to focus our efforts. 

Market Insights Client

It's crucial we get this senior hire right, and our talent pool is very small. Executive Search gives us access to passive candidates, dedicated researchers and a better-quality shortlist. 

Executive Search Client

We're losing talent to competitors, and as we want to grow significantly, we need to be able to differentiate ourselves and attract top-quality candidates. Strategic Market Insights shows us what our competitors are doing, what candidates want and informs us on how we can improve our own talent attraction strategy. 

Market Insights Client
Martin Anderson

Martin began his career in Market Research and Business Intelligence with Adelphi International Research, before moving into Sales & Brand Management positions with the Biotech firm MerckSerono. Carrot was formed in 2006 to offer a knowledgeable and supportive service to consultancy and industry clients throughout the Pharma and Life Science industries, working across the product lifecycle.

Martin heads up our Executive Search and Insights business, working closely with clients to understand their strategic requirements around talent attraction and the generation of key insights to support their decision making across the business. Martin has a MSc in Marketing and Management, a BSc in Psychology, is an NLP master practitioner, ABPI qualified, and gained a distinction from the REC in recruitment accreditation. He is fully au fait with the MRS guidelines for conducting research.

Contact Martin Anderson: +44 (0)1625 541 032 / martin@carrotpharma.co.uk

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