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A well-presented and enticing candidate attraction document can work wonders as part of your talent attraction strategy in bringing new employees to your business. But get this document wrong – or worse still, don’t produce one at all – and you could find yourself struggling to connect with new talent. If you fail to engage with candidates during the early stages of the recruitment process, they could be lost for good.

As well as helping to present your company to potential candidates in the best possible light, there are many other benefits to producing such a document. Your internal recruitment team will reap the benefits of having this to hand, and by sharing your talent attraction document with trusted external recruitment partners, you’ll provide them with a helping hand in finding the best candidates who fit what you’re looking for.

In a competitive market, you’ll need to ensure your Employee Value Proposition stands out from your competitors, and a compelling candidate attraction document is one way you’ll succeed in doing this. If you don’t have the resources to create such materials in-house, it would prove well worth the investment to outsource this to an external agency.

Here at Carrot Executive, we specialise in reviewing and creating talent attraction documents for our clients – get in touch today to find out how we could help you with yours.

Typically, your attraction document will be shared with a potential candidate once they’ve shown an initial interest in the role. You might be trying to convince them to attend an interview, or you could be looking to offer them the role and require a bit of extra persuasion in doing so.

Now that we have a thorough understanding of why a candidate attraction document is so important, let’s discuss what should be included in one.


How to produce a standout candidate attraction document

A great candidate attraction document brings a business to life. It needs to be visually pleasing, easy to navigate and digest, and highly informative. It should flow in a meaningful order and must be relevant to your talent pool.

Evidence backed research tells us that there are certain key motivators in a candidate’s decision to move job or accept a role with a new employer. Currently sitting high on that list is flexibility and a good work-life balance. Candidates are also looking for clarity around post-Covid working practices and whether they’ll be expected in the office full time, part-time or fully remote working.

You should therefore be sure to include any incentives and programmes you offer around mental health and employee wellbeing, as well as key details on company culture, social activities and an understanding of what it’s really like to work for your company.

Other elements to incorporate include perks, benefits and rewards, career progression opportunities, training and development schemes, and your vision and values.

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you’d like to discuss other ways to make your talent attraction document stand out from your competitors, get in touch with Carrot Executive today!


How long does my candidate attraction document need to be?

A good talent attraction document will be around 10 to 15 A4 pages. Expect to include infographics, diagrams, company photos and links to videos and other suitable online resources.


Ensuring your talent attraction document stands out:

In a competitive market, you’ll want to ensure your candidate attraction document really makes an impact. One of the best ways of doing this is by highlighting what genuinely makes your company unique as an employer.

Infographics, photos and charts are also vital. Ensure your document is on brand and in keeping with company style guidelines. Try to avoid being too text heavy to create a clear and simple flow throughout.


How Carrot Executive can support you with your candidate attraction document

A talent attraction document can form an important part of your executive search project. Here at Carrot, we’re highly knowledgeable in the look and feel of an appealing candidate attraction document, and with over 15 years experience in reviewing such documents, we’re here to help you with yours.

So, how would we go about supporting you in the creation of your talent attraction document?

Firstly, we’d schedule a kickoff meeting to confirm the brief, agree on the process and gather any initial information required to enable us to comment on the project. We can offer both a reviewing service for a document you have already created and offer suggestions and changes, or we can create an entirely new document for you based on the information you provide us with.

Reviewing a document:

  • As part of the reviewing process, we’ll look at how your document compares to those from similar businesses/industries.
  • We’d look at what elements within your document are already strong, where there could be room for improvement, and anything crucial we believe is missing.
  • Our findings will be fed back to you in a report, alongside any additional recommendations we have to make.

Creating a new talent attraction document:

  • If we’re instructed to create a new document for you, we’d spend time developing ideas using a combination of our own knowledge around candidate attraction, and the insights derived from a thorough review of a wide range of candidate attraction documents we hold.
  • A draft outline of the structure and suggested content for the talent attraction document would then be developed and passed back for review.
  • Once approved, we’ll finalise the design and concept for the document, delivering the final piece in your preferred format.

To find out more about any of the talent attraction services on offer from Carrot Executive, get in touch for an informal discussion. 


A final recap

Hopefully, by now, you have a clearer understanding of the importance of offering a tailored, succinct, and engaging candidate attraction document to any new talent you’re hoping to attract to your business. As well as supporting your recruitment processes, such documents will also strengthen your onboarding process and will supply new starters with a genuine overview of what to expect from their new role.

If you’re still unsure if yours is up to scratch or you’d like to discuss ways in which we can help to differentiate yourselves from your competitors, use the ‘book a meeting’ button below to schedule an initial, informal conversation with the team at Carrot Executive or use our contact form to request a call-back.


Carrot Executive

Carrot Executive work in partnership with a large number of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies and consultancies, supporting with a range of executive search and bespoke insights projects to support clients in their strategic decision making in relation to talent attraction and retention, market penetration and competitor benchmarking.

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