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Many of us have had a sore arm in the last few weeks thanks to the Covid vaccination programme. But how is the health of your talent brand looking? 


First, what is your talent brand?

Your talent brand is sometimes known as Employer Brand or Employee Value Proposition (EVP). It describes the reputation of a company as a place to work, and how they are perceived in terms of what they give back to their employees.  

It is an essential part of talent attraction and is communicated in a myriad of ways including through direct messaging to candidates on your company website, how you write job adverts, what benefits you offer, and how current or past employees talk about their experiences both to acquaintances in person and on online platforms such as Glassdoor.  

The strength of your talent brand impacts not only potential candidates and their eagerness to join your company, but also your retention of current employees. It is something that needs to be constantly tended, nurtured and evolved. 

If you think your Talent Brand needs a booster, here are some ideas on how to assess and improve it:


Ask potential candidates 

The best way to understand what attracts candidates is to ask them. An online survey can identify talent motivations in terms of why they decide to move jobs, why they choose an employer, and what would convince them to apply or accept an offer.  

Carrot Executive can design a survey, send it to relevant candidates from our extensive network, then provide an insights report with the results and recommendations on how to use this to improve your own talent brand.  


Take a look at your competitors 

Taking stock of what your competition has to offer lets you assess how you are doing in comparison and might give you some ideas. It may also improve your understanding of your Talent Brand USPs and how to differentiate effectively. 

For a more in-depth analysis, a competitor insights project will allow you to assess how well these strategies are working for your competitors and identify how you can better differentiate your talent brand to attract candidates ahead of them.  


Ask your current employees 

One way to identify the best things about working at your company is to find out why your current employees joined your company and what they now love about working there, and then use this in your marketing communication to potential talent. 

An Employee Satisfaction Survey is a great way to health check your company culture and diagnose any problems. In turn, this will improve your talent brand as employees talk positively about working for you.  


Have a brilliant candidate attraction document 

First impressions count for a lot, so having a well-put-together and compelling candidate attraction document ready to send to candidates will put you one step ahead of the competition. It can also help your recruitment agency partners better understand and sell your Talent Brand. 

Carrot Executive offers a Candidate Attraction Document review service, where we can review an existing document or create a brand new one for you.  


Ensure you have a talent attraction strategy 

Most hiring companies don’t have a clearly thought through and joined up candidate attraction strategy which ensures that the communication content and marketing touchpoints are aligned to get the right message to the right audience at the right time. 

At Carrot Executive, we support clients in reviewing their talent attraction strategy and offer practical recommendations as to how it could be improved to drive more candidates directly to you.  


By keeping an eye on these various aspects of your Talent Brand, you can give your talent attraction strategy a boost and keep candidates engaged with and attracted to your company.  

If you would like to know more about how Carrot Executive can support you with any of the above, get in touch using the contact details below. 


Carrot Executive

Carrot Executive work in partnership with a large number of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies and consultancies, supporting with a range of executive search and bespoke insights projects to support clients in their strategic decision making in relation to talent attraction and retention, market penetration and competitor benchmarking.

For more information, please contact Martin Anderson via, call +44 (0)1625 541 032 or use the 'schedule a call' link below:

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